Wednesday, 23 January 2013

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Such movement allows only partial rotation about the transverse axis. Due to the fact that the cylindrical sections are more stable than spherical, it is advisable to start with the familiarization with unstable surfaces, and subsequently switch to spherical sections.

Air-cap (backing) Washers round or oval-shaped (disc pillows) are essentially the balance cap- . They are filled with air, thereby increasing their  the acne instability in all directions.

They are made of a soft plastic material different bearing stiffness on top of the non-slip surface for sensor motor stimulation. They can be used where spherical cylindrical sections.

Additional air washers operate on the principle of communicating vessels. Most of these are two separate cushions associated stabilizing plate.

Suitable especially for the development of balance, coordination and strength training of the lower extremities among popular cap-filled air is lately balance hemisphere (known also as "Bose").

It is a spherical cap of soft plastic material closed flat platform made of hard material. It can be used curved side up and down. If based on a flat base, can in practice it as the fit ball, with balance cushions or overalls.

When it is flipped round side down, it becomes an unstable, shaky area to use as other spherical-cap. Inflatable Big Balls Gymnastic ball, also known as gumball, fit ball, Swiss, stability or resistance ball, allowing the muscle activation and groups that usually does not strengthen.

During exercise on the ball requires balance every move and it follows that employs a lot more muscle than performing standing firmly on both feet


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