Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure - HEALTHY EXERCISES

What does it mean in practice?

This has resulted in the fact that it changes the spectrum of diseases in the representation of individual populations. In populations with a high standard of living is increasing as the 31 day fat loss cure scam  share of allergic diseases at the expense of infectious diseases.

While in populations with a high standard of living is among the infectious diseases negligible proportion of parasitic diseases and some bacterial and viral diseases are due to vaccination significantly reduced or almost completely eliminated, in underdeveloped countries, the situation is completely different.

We miss nature

What our "grandmothers" did well and what we currently vice avers doing wrong?

Our grandmothers did well that, mostly unknowingly, they do not live and educate their children in conditions that are essential for human's long-term development (phylogeny) natural.

 We often make the mistake that we try to move and live in for us the least risk, say "sterile" environment, which is an extreme that is not for the healthy child health care development and life skills of the individual optimal.

Lack of vitamin D in the body significantly increases the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis, pain or muscle weakness. It also increases the resistance of tissues to insulin, has an effect on heart failure and the emergence of cancer - particularly colon.

 Vitamin D is a very important building block of our immunity. If it has a little body, does not have the sufficient ability to resist viruses and bacteria. Sun exposure is a guaranteed source of this important vitamin.

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