Thursday, 7 February 2013

31 Day Fat Loss Cure Scam - Chlamydia Trachoma Infection

Second Clinical picture and diagnosis of infection
In neonates manifests as acute purulent conjunctivitis, which resolves spontaneously within a few weeks.

Eye inflammation may persist for a year or longer and cause scarring of the conjunctiva and corneal infiltration (micro panes). In children and adults, the infection manifests as acute follicular conjunctivitis with hypermedia, infiltration and mild make purulent secretion.

Pea regular lymph empathy is common nodes on the affected side. The agent can also infect the urinary tract and cause arthritis and servility.

Third Occurrence
Sporadically throughout the world for promiscuous people Neonatal conjunctivitis caused by C. trachoma is are common.
Source – reservoir Person.

The route of transmission
Fingers contaminated with infected genital secretions. In neonates direct contact during childbirth.
Epidemic of K can occur when swimming in inch laminated pools click here
Incubation time

Neonates 5-12 days, 6-19 days for adults

 The period of infectiousness

During the elimination agent’s genital secretions and conjunctiva sac Carriage of the eye infection was observed up to 2 years after birth read more
Susceptibility is general immunity after myocardial disease has not been established although reinvention tends to have lighter periods.

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  1. In neonates manifests as acute Food Lovers Diet  purulent conjunctivitis, which resolves spontaneously within a few weeks.