Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The 31 Day Fat Sport - Skating For Fat Loss Jogging For Fat Loss

The 31 Day Fat Sport
It is necessary to determine whether they are in your neighborhood or employment suitable terrain. Experienced skaters and run the streets and on the sidewalk, but it certainly is not recommended for beginners. For use with inline skating parks, abandoned roads, asphalt trails along rivers, etc

What is important is a flat surface and not very hilly terrain. If you can ride on ice skates, you can not be a trouble to learn to roller skates Recommended that you also knee pads and wrist.If you skate really fast, you'll burn calories while skating as well as when running, but without the burden of such joints.

Inline skating also involve other muscle groups and it is known that strengthens the legs and buttocks like no other the 31 day fat sport .Depending on the severity, your weight and fitness skating when you burn around 200 calories in 30 minutes

Rowing, rowing trainer
Rowing engages a wide range of muscle groups and among species of intense physical activity, even when she did not touch the water. In rowing, it is important to learn the exact method if you are not sure, ask the coach. If never sleeted correctly, you can stretch your muscles.

Some simulators are equipped with a screen where you can set up competing with a colleague and that you will see if you win or lose. It can motivate you when rowing mainly strengthened the arms, buttocks, back and abdominal muscles.Depending on the severity, your weight and fitness rowing when you burn around 200 calories in 30 minutes

Running, jogging belt

Cross belt fit in the center enjoys long-standing popularity especially in the U.S., but the last time it was found in our fitness centers. This kind of running in the gym has several advantages: you can train even in bad weather; you run on a softer surface than asphalt and have it close to other workout equipment.

 Most trainers are equipped with the ability to change the slope and set the speed at which you want to run.Another advantage is that you can see exactly what you have finished the distance.

But if the good weather, there's nothing to jog outdoors - in the woods or in the park. Outside is he still running faster and fun runs.Depending on the severity, your weight and fitness while running you burn around 370 calories in 30 minutes.

Tennis, squash and other racquet sports
Whether you play tennis, squash or badminton, running the right kind of physical activity that strengthens the heart, but also develops your coordination and speed In racket sports you often have to stop and accelerate again, this is called "start and stop sport", so when playing fairly frequently suffer your joints.

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