Wednesday, 13 March 2013

About Children’s Health

Children enuresis bed-wetting in children must be treated The problem of bed wetting and cleanliness in children is as old as humanity itself. Attempts to treat enuresis began as early as in ancient Egypt about 3000 years ago.

The words "enuresis" and "neurosis" sound similar, but have different origins and meaning.
Enuresis in sleep (enuresis) is definitely not a mental disorder and is not related to the full with no exceptions or psychiatric diagnosis.Not the consequence of modern civilization or mental exertion hectic time. One of the milestones in her treatment was the discovery of decompressing (incidentally discovery Czech scientist Inigo ZAORAL Milan) and the introduction of this drug into clinical practice in the 2nd the mid 70 last century

What is enuresis?

Definition of child enuresis (enuresis nocturnal in Latin), a wetting during sleep is different. For laymen terms is a condition where it is usually a normal filling and subsequent emptying of the bladder, but unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time - in bed during sleep - and in an age when a company is not considered normal.

Enuresis is sometimes also defined in reverse - as the number of "nights when the bed stays dry." Most pediatricians is not infrequent urination in younger children (e.g. 1x per month of a stressful situation) for enuresis.

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