Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jump Manual- Today, The Executive Committee Of The Federation

- The fact that Mensch 29, and all need medals in Soc hi. But should you go to them like  jump manualthat - right through?
- What is happening with you, Bones? - A question I asked Solzhenitsyn, phoned him to St. Peters burg.

Henchmen coach sighed

- Hope springs eternal. Constantine trains, we run-in new shoes. Today, he did all of my items in the new shoes. As per him, I do not climb. We generally do not discuss anything extra. We are preparing for the European Championship, as if ...

- As if you're at it really go?
- Yes.

- But there is a huge difference between "like" and the reality ...
- Of course.

- I think you, like me, were surprised riot skaters, albeit a virtual one. Previously, these cases were all silent.
- Many have themselves been in this situation, and others do not want it to be. And outstanding coaches, who voted against the coaching board, do not stand up for Henchmen, and for sports principle.

Similar solutions cause aggression. And not only in figure skating - in society.

- I can not draw your attention to the Grow Taller 4 Idiots fact that the Federation in general, "playing by the rules." The statute reads: champion and silver medalist in the team automatically fall, third place - at the discretion of the coaching board.

- This is appropriate when, for example, strong athlete is removed from the championship of Russia due to health problems, but all of his obvious potential and the fact that in a month he will again be in the form. But when, instead of bronze medalist in Zagreb sent even going after Kandinsky and Maxim Kutuzov from fifth place, you want to ask why the fifth, and not ten?

- Tatiana Sarasota, one of the trainers Maxim Kutuzov, calls it "the confidence placed in one time, and if not justified ...".
- To trust is one time? Some coaches trust turned out many times. And even if they do not justify, no "all" did not come. Skaters who have trained these coaches are often issued here such ... stay. And what of the outcome? To eradication.

By the way, in addition to the championship of Russia, there are other objective measures. International rating, for example. It Maxim Kutuzov is a 41-position, and Constantine is less - on the 13th. If you track the components, the estimates for the component of bone during the season got much higher than the max. Maxim only in the final Junior Grand Prix was decent for the components. We are told about the medals in So-chi. Did Kutuzov - this medal Olympics in Soc-hi? To do this, go through four years of "Europe", "peace", the adult stages of the Grand Prix. He has no time ...

- The wave of protests reaching as far as sports minister Vitals Mutton. And on his initiative on Novokuznetsk meeting of the Executive Committee will be held again on the "case Henchmen - Kutuzov."
- My opinion is not so much Mutton should address such issues, these issues should be decided only on the ice.

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