Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Yeast Infection No More Scam - Disease Why It Is So Difficult To Trea

At the final stage of complex treatment medications are used to help restore the normal acidity of the vagina. Treatment of regular yeast infection no more sexual partners are, as a rule, only in the presence of symptoms. But for the duration of anti fungal drugs (it is usually 10 days) is required to abstain from intimacy. As a last resort, use a condom. In conclusion, monitoring studies required to make sure that the victory over the fungus have won the final and unconditional.

Treatment for thrush can take a long time. To make your life easier in this period and to suffer less from the itching, the water used for personal hygiene, you can add a pill or Fr spoon of baking soda. But to use a solution of potassium About Linda Allen permanganate and soap is not necessary - the money lead to dryness of the mucosa.

At the time of treatment should be excluded from the diet of sweet food, alcohol, and spicy, spicy and marinated products - such food additionally provokes intense itching and increases the amount of bleeding. During this period, will be much more useful and fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cereals. It is noticed that thrush more likely to suffer a resident of the southern countries, so for the duration of treatment should be avoided exposure to heat.

Reproduction of fungi causes reduced immunity, so the first step is to rebuild the body's defenses. Help bath, sauna, contrast shower, exercise and, of course, vitamins. Hygiene - an important part not only prevention but also the treatment of thrush. So you need to shower more often and every time after using the toilet bidet. For the prevention of thrush good use special hygiene. For example, intimate gels with natural anti-fungal additives, such as tea tree oil.

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